Friday, July 11, 2008

that's more like it!

wheeew ... ok so I already had enough of the "light red". It only lasted one day but I determined that calling PINK by a different name doesn't make me like the color anymore ... even though it's my birthday color. Oh well!

So, the other day I was looking up shoes (surprise, surprise) and I came across some graffiti artists. If you are wondering how I came across some graf heads while looking for sneakers ... this is how:

Last year, Adidas and Foot Locker teamed up with some of the best graffiti artists in the world. They gave these artists a change to take their black book sketches into the sneaker/fashion world.

The 7 chosen graf artists worked in a custom-built studio for 3 days to create their artwork for the End 2 End Project. The pieces (shoes, apparel, etc.) in the End 2 End Project combines these artists' creativity, innovation and style without compromising their credibility.

The artists involved were :: ATOM & CAN2*, SKORE, SILOETTE, RIME, SCIEN & SMART

OK blah blah blah ... anyways. Siloette is a female graf head out of the US & her work is AMAZING! I love her style, her sense of color, the simplicity AND the detail in her work. She does beautiful portraits of women. Basically, if I knew how to paint w a spray can, this is what I would want it to look like! Check out her portfolio HERE.

This is one of my favorite pieces ... it says it's available, so I might try to buy it!
Or you can buy if for me if you want :P (my birthday's in a few months!)

* I bought the sneaks these guys did! wooooooo
Atom & Can2/End 2 End

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