Thursday, July 10, 2008

2 in 1 day ... I'm excited

I LOVE SHOES ... all of em, but sneakers in particular. I just got a new pair in the mail! yaaaaaaaaay

Limited Edition: Nike Air Max 1 BT - Olympic Pack - High Jump: Zhu JianHua

But, here's the story behind them from

This is a pair of Air Max 1 inspired by the first Chinese High Jump Winner Zhu Jianhua. He dominated Asian high jump in the early 1980s, he won the Asian Championships in 1981, crushing the championship record (CR) by 15 centimetres. He repeated this at the 1982 Asian Games with a jump of 2.33m, beating the previous CR by 12 cm. He retained his title in the 1986 Asian Games. His 1982 jump is an Asian Games record as of 2007, and no other athlete has jumped over 2.27 in the Games.

At the inaugural World Championships in 1983 and the 1984 Summer Olympics he competed against the world elite, finishing third on both occasions.

Zhu jumped 2.37 metres in 1983, setting a new world record. He would go on to reach 2.38 and even 2.39 metres, the latter in 1984.

((sneakers w a high jumper on them ... I think I'm in love hahaha))

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