Friday, July 25, 2008

she's a dancin' machine...

ok so last weekend, there was a jam (breakdance competition) in Irving :: Sole Fresh ... I entered the 1 on 1 toprock battles and am actually pretty proud of myself!

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here are my battles - I won the first one and lost the second

ShamRock vs. Militia

Darkos vs. ShamRock

I've only been bgirlin for a year now ... so I have a long way to go! but I'm gettin there :) ... Thanks for everyone who has been teaching me, helping me, and showing me the way!

I rep a crew called Femme Fatale and we're just out here tryin to have fun and hold it down for the ladies.

Also, if you are in the NYC area on September 13 this year, hit me up, I'll be in the Bronx battlin it out at Bgirl City 3!

*KT - pics of Paisley coming soon :)

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Kt said...

damnnnnn girl nice's those capoeira classes we took got you hoooked hee hee...ugh I am so awkward I sucked ahha