Thursday, July 10, 2008

it's what you've all been waiting for ...

Ok, so. I've tried this before, and I'm going to warn you, I'm not very good at blogging. But, here it goes. Hmmmmmmm what should my first entry be about?

Maybe (if you know me, which you might not) you are wondering why I made my blog pink! hahaha because I don't really like the color pink (or "light red" as some of my clients like to call it ... i.e. "Can you make that 'light red'? It's too bright right now." ... "Well, sir, I think you should know that 'light red' is AKA 'pink' and that will look stupid." ... I didn't actually say "stupid", but I think he got it ... we made it "light brown" instead!)

Anyways, back to why is my blog pink right now. Well, I came across a site yesterday ( talking about colors and birthdays. Being a designer, I love color ... and everyone knows I love birthdays :) so it caught my attention. But, tell me why my birthday colors are all variations of PINK ... actually I think I'll call it LIGHT RED b/c I like red better.

Here is what it told me about my birthday:


The color for the month of November is Claret Red. Intense and passionate, this color inspires depth, strength and love. People born during this month can see beyond the mundane and into the hearts of others. This is a great month to integrate your qualities of perception with a more light-hearted detachment. Claret Red helps you stay inspired as you build your dreams and ambitions. You can wear, meditate or surround yourself with Claret Red when you want to increase your perception, persistence, and drive.

*Claret Red :: Pantone 17-1740 (being a designer, it made me happy that there are Pantone equivalents of all the colors on this site!)


Inspired communication is one of the many talents that you have. Writing, speaking, and teaching are just some of the ways you can help illuminate others. You can be very determined, so it is best that you have somewhere to channel your desires. A stubborn streak needs to be guarded against. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Aurora Red reminds you to stay flexible and grounded as you build your dreams into a manifested reality.

So, that is why my blog page is "light red" right now ... I was inspired by my birthday "colorstrology".


Kt said...

Welcome to the blogsphere!...or umm...welcome bacK!...Aww so proud you are blogging again! color is "firecracker"...(pantone 16-1452)'s in the "sun orange" group!...kinda an orangie-salmon color...but i likes it!

j*amy said...

ooo i really like the red variations imagey thing. i love red - not pink - but the "light red"...i'm likin it.

and welcome i guess? :)

oh, and my color is Fair Aqua, Pantone 12-5409....i likey.

j*amy said...

oh but wait, my actual birth DATE is bruschetta...what!? i'm confused.

ShelBelle said...

you get a month color and a date color! haha