Monday, July 28, 2008

by special request...

photos of my love, Paisley! she is almost 17 months old by now ... about 100+ lbs (I'm guessing, haven't weighed her in a while) and still GROWING! she's a big baby and loves to cuddle ... she's getting jealous of Wallace sometimes when I have to pay attention to him (b/c he's a puppy) ... but overall she likes him and always tries to play with him! except he gets afraid sometimes b/c she's so much bigger than him!

just being lazy ... napping like always
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rockin the old skool Kangol ... she's got dat flava
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notice in this one how she was too lazy to climb all the way onto the bed! only the front 1/2 made it up there.
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trying to play with Wallace ... he wasn't havin it
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Kt said...

Yayyyy pics for me! Omg she is gettting so big! i love the half on the bed...i do that sometimes haha