Monday, August 4, 2008

tat tat tatted up

I'm pretty sure my Mom is gonna kill me hahaha but I got another tattoo this weekend! ... I've been thinking about getting it for about 2 years now, so it was finally time.

It's my Scottish family crest. My family lines run back to the Crawford Clan in Scotland. I am related to William Wallace (his mother was Margaret Crawford). You probably know who William Wallace is through the movie Braveheart. So, yeah, I'm related to Braveheart! Don't mess with me hahaha jk :) but really ...

anywaaaaays ... photos>>
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I got it done in Houston at Texas Ink ... shout out to Joe - thanks! ... talented artist, great prices ... gotta love that!

there's a lil more work to be done ... but I'm excited ... I love it ... sorry Mom :)

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Kate said...

awww yayyyy! I can vouch that you have wanted that for over 2 years! (so your mum can't be mad b/c you thought loooong and hard about it! ahha) how did you cover your old one? was it difficult?